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Specific expertise for your needs

Development partner

We are experts in product development, and have the experience and tools required to implement effective development of your products. With us as a development partner, you have the opportunity to choose the conditions yourself.

External development department

Perhaps you don’t have any development of your own, or are focusing on software, and want a partner who deals with mechanics and hardware, for example? Then we are the right partner for you. We are happy to be your external development department in the areas of expertise that you are missing. We can also take over the development for selected parts of your product range, such as accessories or similar products which do not require your core skills.

Project partner

Do you have defined projects, but you don’t have the opportunity to implement them? Our project team can help you at an early stage by being involved in the planning phase. This way, we combine resources, and it becomes easier to start projects on time and reach the agreed targets. We will happily assist with projects that run for the entire development cycle of the product, and we also have lengthy experience of projects limited to one or more phases in development.

Satellite locations

Satellite operation is the optimal alternative if you lack space at your own premises, or need flexibility in the volume of work. As the work is carried out on our premises, we can continually vary the work volume and expertise based on your needs. For example, our satellite locations cover ongoing product maintenance, development of new varieties of existing products, and some degree of entirely new development. We often carry out many smaller assignments in parallel, and in-between we also work with larger obligations in project format.