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For us, our employees are our most important asset. We employ people we believe in, and do everything we can to ensure that they enjoy it here. But without you – the clients – we wouldn’t succeed. We get the best engineers by offering exciting contracts and an informal, social environment, because we’re convinced that both are part of the same whole. Our consultants feel good, have a strong drive and high levels of expertise. At ESSIQ you will be helped with lengthy, comprehensive contracts or in short, intensive projects. We offer expertise in a number of different areas, and always do our utmost to find exactly the right person for the job, to be carried out on-site with you, or in-house here. Of course, there is always a contact person available, whatever it is you need.

East, West and South

ESSIQ consists of three regions – East, West and South – and works with customers in and around Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. It gives us a geographical breadth, and the opportunity to exchange competences between the regions.


Width and variety

We are 250 employees, and a good mix between men and women, with various ethnicities. We believe that our breadth is a strength and gives the organization a good dynamic.

Innovative, successful customers

Today, ESSIQ has around 80 active customers – everything from the largest industrial companies to smaller innovation companies, in a variety of industries.

Small-scale or large-scale

ESSIQ is a partner in Netgroup Engineering, a network company with over 1,200 engineers. ESSIQ can thus be both the smaller, personal company, or the large network with extensive expertise.



Three machine engineers with 25 years of combined experience as technical consultants who wanted more… In 2005 we founded ESSIQ, which comes from the founders’ surnames Engström, Söderlund and Sohtell, plus the word IQ. We had a vision of creating a company that focuses primarily on its employees. What we offered, both then and now, is user-focused product development. Today we have a presence in three regions across Sweden: Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö. We have won the Dagens Industri Gasell award for four years running, we have long had our own football team FC ESSIQ, and we actively work to maintain the close-knit feeling within the organization. Together with Sweden’s sharpest engineers, we want to be part of the development of the future.



With us, you can choose how you want to collaborate. We are sensitive to your needs and wishes, and we can easily adapt. Read more about our collaboration options below.


If you are looking for a partner who shares your vision. With ESSIQ as a business partner, you can establish a long-term collaboration where we strengthen each other.


We are experts in product development. With us as a development partner, we’ll provide effective product development based on your needs.


If you have a specific need with high-level requirements, we have experienced specialists with the right expertise. We are ready from the start, or whenever the need arises.


In order to maintain a steady rate of development, or to reinforce things where necessary, ESSIQ offers involved technical consultants. We give them the resources; they provide the result.



A shared vision

If you are looking for a partner who shares your vision and supplements your qualities, to generate the right conditions to improve your business, or to create entirely new business. Our eyes and ears are always pointing towards new opportunities, so start a conversation with us about a new, friendly, long-term and successful collaboration that will take us both to new heights.

Specific expertise for your needs

Development partner

We are experts in product development, and have the experience and tools required to implement effective development of your products. With us as a development partner, you have the opportunity to choose the conditions yourself.

External development department

Perhaps you don’t have any development of your own, or are focusing on software, and want a partner who deals with mechanics and hardware, for example? Then we are the right partner for you. We are happy to be your external development department in the areas of expertise that you are missing. We can also take over the development for selected parts of your product range, such as accessories or similar products which do not require your core skills.

Project partner

Do you have defined projects, but you don’t have the opportunity to implement them? Our project team can help you at an early stage by being involved in the planning phase. This way, we combine resources, and it becomes easier to start projects on time and reach the agreed targets. We will happily assist with projects that run for the entire development cycle of the product, and we also have lengthy experience of projects limited to one or more phases in development.

Satellite locations

Satellite operation is the optimal alternative if you lack space at your own premises, or need flexibility in the volume of work. As the work is carried out on our premises, we can continually vary the work volume and expertise based on your needs. For example, our satellite locations cover ongoing product maintenance, development of new varieties of existing products, and some degree of entirely new development. We often carry out many smaller assignments in parallel, and in-between we also work with larger obligations in project format.


Competent and experienced specialists

There are numerous different needs over the many phases of the development projects, some of which require significant experience and expertise within a niche area. Your business might lack the opportunity to have specialists in each area of the development project. We have many skilled and experienced specialists within all development disciplines. This makes us the perfect partner to turn to when you find yourself in a situation where you have urgent, specific needs, or if you can see through your planning that the need will soon arise. We are here for quick solutions as well as long-term collaboration.


Committed product developers

In most organizations, there are periods that require extra employees with more or less experience, perhaps to maintain an even rate of development, or to support an already overloaded individual or group within the organization. Our employees at ESSIQ love development, and we provide them with the support and resources to be able to give you and your organization what you need – and much more besides.


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We are passionate about product development and employee culture. Consultants at ESSIQ have high level of expertise and enjoy working by themselves and with their colleagues. We believe that this is a winning combination for all parties. By sending your inquiry, you’re allowing us to save your details; read more here.

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