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IT & Cloud Services

Smart solutions for a digital society

We are going through huge societal change, where digitalization is opening up entirely new ways of working and living. Through access to functional and effective technology, we can make daily improvements to people’s lives, and make our societal systems more efficient. The service area of IT & Cloud Services helps our clients to develop their businesses using digital transformation. Together with the employers, we are developing the IT services needed by the organization in order to continue development in Sweden.

The digital transformation can be seen as a threat to our existence, or as a fantastic asset. We chose to see it as the latter. ESSIQ believes that people are the future for technological developments. Our consultancy services are based on the fact that our employees have high levels of skills in the services we offer. We constantly develop our consultants’ skills, in order to be able to meet the demand from our clients in a changing market. ESSIQ places huge importance on finding the right contract for the right person, as we believe that interest and engagement generates high quality.

We offer skillsets in design, architecture, safety, support and operation, in the form of developers, managers and business-related roles. ESSIQ’s consultants are always at the forefront of technology, and are driven by being a central part of digitalization. Together with exciting customers in different industries, we meet the needs of the future for smart and safe IT systems.

IT project manager
Operations & support engineer
Back-end developers