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Simulation & Visualization

VR as a tool in product and service development

Virtual Reality (VR) is a concept that most people are familiar with, but did you know that it can be used in product and service development? A clear trend and opportunity in product development today is making use of virtual environments. Access to powerful processors, large amounts of data and innovative visualization solutions makes it possible to supplement physical prototypes with virtual ones. This brings numerous advantages, such as shortening development cycles, involving multiple people in the development process, and providing greater precision in decision support. 

ESSIQ currently works with numerous projects where, together with clients, we develop platforms for virtual development, simulation and visualization. We focus on development of technology and methods, and offer expertise from early-stage concept to optimization and verification in the end stages of the process. Within the service area of Simulation and Visualization, we help our customers to streamline and modernize their product development using the latest technology, which is constantly being developed and refined.

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Simulation engineer
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