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For us, our employees are our most important asset. We employ people we believe in, and do everything we can to ensure that they enjoy it here. But without you – the clients – we wouldn’t succeed. We get the best engineers by offering exciting contracts and an informal, social environment, because we’re convinced that both are part of the same whole. Our consultants feel good, have a strong drive and high levels of expertise. At ESSIQ you will be helped with lengthy, comprehensive contracts or in short, intensive projects. We offer expertise in a number of different areas, and always do our utmost to find exactly the right person for the job, to be carried out on-site with you, or in-house here. Of course, there is always a contact person available, whatever it is you need.

East, West and South

ESSIQ consists of three regions – East, West and South – and works with customers in and around Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. It gives us a geographical breadth, and the opportunity to exchange competences between the regions.


Width and variety

We are 250 employees, and a good mix between men and women, with various ethnicities. We believe that our breadth is a strength and gives the organization a good dynamic.

Innovative, successful customers

Today, ESSIQ has around 80 active customers – everything from the largest industrial companies to smaller innovation companies, in a variety of industries.

Small-scale or large-scale

ESSIQ is a partner in Netgroup Engineering, a network company with over 1,200 engineers. ESSIQ can thus be both the smaller, personal company, or the large network with extensive expertise.