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Test & Quality Engineering

Smart testing methods ensure quality

Within Test & Quality Engineering, we ensure that our clients’ products and services keep their promises, as well as keeping costs low. A product released on to the market with defects will quickly lower the company’s reputation, and therefore cost a lot of money. At ESSIQ we develop and administer advanced systems that use manual and automatic testing and analysis to prevent this from happening. We ensure that quality permeates the entire process, from start to finish. Quite simply, we understand quality!

The industry today is moving increasingly towards an agile way of working, with short, iterative and incremental development cycles. This contributes to a major need for the quality system to be developed at the same rate. This is why there is now a revolution within Quality Engineering, where test automation is taking an increasingly more key and central role. At ESSIQ, we understood at an early stage the value of automated systems. Our consultants in Test & Quality Engineering work with products and customers in a variety of different industries, and with systems such as Hardware-in-the-Loop, MATLAB/Simulink, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

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