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Mechanical Engineering

From design concept and development to improvement and optimization

In the field of mechanics, we help customers to realize their visions, where together we develop the best-selling trend setters of the future. With niche expertise, immense curiosity and openness, we want to be involved with and manage all sorts of development projects, from improvements and optimizations of existing products, to design concepts and development of new complete products and systems.

ESSIQ has the familiarity and resources to use agile working methods to carry out whole projects, self-managed and in-house, combined with flexibility and a lightness of touch to quickly provide staff for contracts at the client’s organization. We supply everything from CAD documentation to physical prototypes and have the experience of development in a number of different materials and manufacturing processes. Our employees are passionate about being at the forefront of the latest in technological developments and have expertise in all the major CAD and PDM/PLM systems.

Mechanical Designer
Concept Designer
Components Manager
Contract Leader
Feature Leader
Verification Leader/Manager
Project Engineer
Project Manager/Coordinator