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Ana Cruz

My name is Ana Cruz, I’m 37 and come from Porto, Portugal. I came to Sweden eleven years ago to work on a project at Volvo Trucks, and stayed a little longer than the two years I’d planned to be here for… I’m now married and have a 4-year old son. We love food and travel, seeing family and friends, and Lego! I love going to the Saluhallen Market Hall when I’m in the area, or spending time at cozy cafés. What most people don’t know about me is that I also have a huge interest in urbanism and urban agriculture. I’ve always loved cars, something that my dad and I had in common, and so I wanted to understand how they’re made and how they work. I’ve also always loved building things – as a kid I mostly played with Lego and toy cars – so when I started studying, I let my interests lead the way. I started by studying machine technology with a focus on the automotive industry, and that formed the basis for my future career as an engineer. I studied in Porto, but also spent 6 months in Italy as an exchange student.

I began working at ESSIQ three years ago. Since then I’ve worked on contracts at Volvo Trucks and at CEVT, where I am now. At CEVT I’m working in the High Voltage Power Supply Group as System Project Leader, a contract that suits me perfectly. I really enjoy it at ESSIQ, partly because I get to work on things I love, and partly because it’s a friendly company. It’s a relaxed atmosphere, quick decision-making processes, and a workplace that believes in individual development. That’s important for me! In the future I want to learn more about electrification and future mobility, and I’d love to try having an agile product owner role. I think that the technology industries of the future will overlap with environment and sustainability. The automotive industry focuses on developing products with alternative fuel sources, which is a must in order to meet the future environmental and sustainability requirements. I also think that AI, which is a very hot topic right now, will impact all areas in the industry. We will see autonomous vehicles become more and more advanced, and AI will change industries, such as the medical industry. Two key things I’ve learned is to always be humble and to never stop learning; that’s what I’d like to tell all engineering students who will soon step into the world of work. We’re living in exciting times, so my advice is to learn as much as possible about the technology of the future – you’ll need to!