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The area of UX & Service Design is a natural extension of ESSIQ’s core, user-focused product development. We want to be involved in creating products and services that are relevant and we love using. We were early adopters, and have helped many conservative, technology-heavy companies to take the step towards a user and usability focus. Even before user experience (UX) entered our vocabulary, our consultants went out and helped customers to develop products for future young, clever and tech-savvy customers.

Nowadays, UX & Service Design is a natural choice for many companies. Not because we now have the right technology and platform, but rather because our people have the right ambition, innovation and personality. The technology comes second. The UX & Service Design consultants at ESSIQ now work with customers across many industries, and we can offer exciting opportunities for people who enjoy new development with a user focus. The field is rapidly changing and constantly expanding, and we want to a big part of these changes.

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In-house project for Lynk & Co

ESSIQ had to create something new within the relatively conservative automotive industry when we were tasked with running an in-house project for Lynk & Co. Over the course of several years, the automotive industry has been transformed to focus on software instead of hardware, and on digital connectivity and user experience (UX), instead of engine performance and cool rims. The contract now underway for some of ESSIQ’s Design & UX engineers is just one part of the exciting development.

CEVT and Lynk & Co want to be at the forefront of the automotive industry of the future. The vision is to create a seamless integration between the car, the home and the user’s personal life – a whole new way of looking at the vehicle and the driver. So, what is the key to this kind of collaboration that has never been seen before?

In-house at ESSIQ, we are now seeing a fast pace of work in creating software for a new gadget or device, focusing on that particular integration: the interplay between the car, the home and personal life.
The team consists of UX designers, Android developers and feature managers. We have brought together senior, reliable engineers with newly qualified, keen juniors, allowing us to achieve a stimulating group dynamic.

The team works according to the Scrum methodology and has tight dialog with the team at CEVT. The working method creates flexibility and gives ESSIQ’s engineers significant individual responsibility and a more exciting way to work. We also conduct dialog with other departments, such as HMI, HQ and EI, and external suppliers to the project, which puts the team at the center of development. This enables them to be involved with and work on function, usage and experience – key parts of what will become the final product.

The in-house project for Lynk & Co is in full swing, and it’s not just us who is waiting for the end result; many eyes are focused on the development of electric cars, and not least on Lynk & Co. We are excitedly looking forward to the continuation of the project, and to follow Lynk & Co’s path towards the automotive market of the future.

  • Haroun Hajem

    Haroun Hajem


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Haroun Hajem

“My name is Haroun Hajem and I am a software developer at ESSIQ. I’ve got a fairly mixed background: I have a Bachelor of Arts from The School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg, and I studied for a year on a foundation art course, but then decided to focus on software.

Before I took the step and trained as a software developer, I worked in the metal industry, freelanced as a moviemaker and ran my own company. I then studied with a focus on C# and .Net, and now I have the opportunity to combine my creativity with my technical interests as a consultant at ESSIQ.

ESSIQ caught my eye when a good friend did their master’s thesis while working there. He spoke highly of the company, so I got in touch with Johan, my now manager, at the time I was due to take an internship at the end of my studies. My internship began, and then I ended up staying!

Now I’m a full-time employee at ESSIQ as a software developer, and my work tasks can be varied. As I have previous experience of graphic design and video, I can jump into projects where my expertise is in demand. I work with everything from programming VR games to producing advertising films, and thereby get to use all my interests and abilities.

The best thing about ESSIQ is that we are such a good team, and I’ve got many fun colleagues who I really enjoy hanging out with. At the office we don’t just work together, we play VR games, have lunch and have table tennis tournaments as well. We also have the freedom to plan and manage our projects ourselves, which is not the norm in this industry. ESSIQ also views this positively and encourages us employees to develop our own products – everything from motorized diving flippers to automated sit/stand desks came from the minds of creative ESSIQ people.”