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Johan Säfholm

“My name is Johan Säfholm and I work at ESSIQ Syd. At university, I read physics and electrical engineering, and had planned to be a radio network planner, but ended up working with digital cameras instead – the smaller the better (the smallest I’ve ever worked on was 2x2x3 millimeters!). Since 2005, I’ve been working in optics and digital imaging/signal processing, which often results in some sort of consumer product: mobile cameras, monitoring cameras or touchscreens.

My good friend Mikael Häll, consultant manager at ESSIQ, convinced me to join the ESSIQ community, and I thought: “if he likes it there, then I would too”. And I was right – that was two and a half years ago, and it just keeps getting better! I really like that the consultants are given pride of place, even more so than the clients. That’s where I think ESSIQ stands out.

Right now, I’m working on a contract for Axis Communications as a camera engineer, where I might be programing production tests for CCTV cameras one day, experimenting with camera prototypes the next, and finishing the week by driving round Lund and filming real places.

I think being a consultant is a perfect combination – I get variety and stimulation when out on contracts, but the security and community of ESSIQ. It’s a set-up that suits me perfectly.”