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Connected & Embedded Systems

Embedded systems play a major role in future technological development

A modern car currently has over 150 Electronic Control Units (ECUs), where each one is an in-built system, and together contain over a million lines of code. This shows how complex and comprehensive embedded systems are, and what size role they play in today’s and future technological developments. Embedded systems are a prerequisite for many of the rapid technical advancements we see on a daily basis around us, and which we often take for granted. Self-driving vehicles, communication links in mobile base stations, smart Internet of Things (IoT) modules, and cellphones are all examples of the endless opportunities created by in-built and online systems.

In the area of Connected & Embedded Systems, ESSIQ is helping Swedish industry succeed with its efforts in new intelligent electronic products. Industry 4.0 is in its infancy, and an increasing number of companies are beginning to see the need for smart, linked and online systems. At the same time, there is often a lack of internal expertise in the field and understanding of how these systems are designed and built in a modern, cost-effective way. At ESSIQ we are knowledgeable in all stages in the development of embedded systems – everything from electronics design to software development.

Here at ESSIQ we are clearly a part of this technological development. Our consultants within Connected & Embedded Systems work with hardware-related software development, electronics design, control and regulating systems, real-time systems, AI and machine learning. ESSIQ has a wide range of capabilities, and the individuals in the company make up a strong network of different skills and experience.

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