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A great mix

We want to be involved and make the technology industry more equal. At ESSIQ, around 30% of our employees are female, and we would love to see that percentage increase. Together with our employees, we want to become Sweden’s best workplace for everyone – not least for female engineers.

Salary and benefits

ESSIQ has a wage model that works for you, whatever your life situation is like. You have the option to prioritize your income according to what is important to you: high wage, more holiday allowance, extra health insurance, or higher pension saving. We are here to help you live the life you want to live. 

A great bunch of colleagues

At ESSIQ we like going out and enjoy a variety of activities. Family days, golfing, sailing, quizzes, kayaking, anniversary celebrations – we’ve done a lot, and want to do more! We arrange over 25 annual events – everything from small meetups to huge parties, but obviously it’s up to you what you do or don’t want to be part of.

A job with meaning

90% of our employees say that their work at ESSIQ is valuable and meaningful. Obviously our goal is to reach 100%, and we’ll keep going until we get there, using your feedback as our guide.